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Inaugural Women in Macadamias event launches in Australia

It goes without saying that the Australian macadamia industry’s greatest asset is its people. From growers and agronomists to processers and marketers, it’s their skill and drive that has taken the industry from strength to strength and put our product on a global stage. A substantial proportion of these roles are carried out by women. Whether one half of a husband-and-wife farm or a valued team member in a larger operation, women are heavily involved in vital functions across the supply chain. Read More >>

March 2022 market report

The initial crop forecast published for the Australian 2022 season predicted a crop of 54,930 tonnes in-shell @ 3.5% moisture (58,900 t in-shell @ 10% moisture). However this is likely to be revised downwards in May once the impacts of the recent extreme weather conditions are fully understood.  Read More >>

Australian macadamia crop predicted to increase

The 2022 Australian macadamia crop is predicted to reach 54,930 tonnes in-shell @ 3.5% moisture (58,900 tonnes in-shell @ 10% moisture), according to a climate-based forecast produced using scientific modelling developed by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.* Read More >>

Beer, consumer insights and chocolate: Our favourite macadamia stories of 2021

As 2021 dawned, we hoped the challenges of COVID-19 were behind us. However, as new virus variants emerged, lockdowns came and went, and international travel remained challenging, the pandemic continued to shape the world around us. Yet there were bright spots and exciting developments. Vaccination programs ramped up globally, the Tokyo Olympics finally went ahead and the COP26 meeting in Glasgow saw some concerted efforts from world leaders to reduce climate-change causing emissions. Read More >>

Top 21 of 2021: The macadamia products that made their mark this year

It’s been another impressive year for macadamias on the innovation front, with an array of new products coming to market. Health was a dominant theme, plant-based milks continue to grow – but with some interesting twists and turns - keto is still going strong, and previous years’ innovators are back with fresh offerings.  Read More >>
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