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2021 Australian Macadamias Yearbook

The 2021 edition of the Australian Macadamias Yearbook offers a snapshot of our industry’s highlights and performance over the past 12 months. Providing an overview of all key facets of the Australian macadamia industry, it’s where you’ll find: Read More >>

Unpacking what food and health mean to today’s macadamia consumers

The Australian macadamia industry is deeply committed to understanding what interests and motivates macadamia consumers in key markets globally. Central to maintaining this understanding is regular consumer insights research, and this year, we have been releasing the results of our largest quantitative consumer insights study to date. Read More >>

How do consumers feel about macadamias in 2021?

The Australian macadamia industry recently completed its largest quantitative consumer insights study to date. Surveying more than 6,000 people in Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea and the USA, it took a deep dive into the minds of consumers around the world to uncover current perceptions, expectations and habits around macadamias, food more broadly, and health. Read More >>

September 2021 market report

The 2021 Australian macadamia crop forecast has been revised down by 4.5% from 50,770 to 48,500 tonnes in-shell at 3.5% moisture (from 54,440 to 52,000 tonnes at 10% moisture). In the New South Wales growing region, severe weather experienced in recent months delayed first new crop harvest and caused physical crop losses reducing original published crop expectations. With the majority of the Australian macadamia crop now collected, nut sizing is more normal this season and whilst kernel yields are slightly down, overall quality is very good. Read More >>

Reinventing chocolate macadamias with plant-forward flavours

Brigid Woolnough lets her chocolate do the talking. Best known for her Australian confectionery brand, KOKOPOD, Brigid’s handcrafted chocolates are a delicate blend of edible art and science, combining the highest quality European couverture chocolate with the best Australian-grown flavours. Read More >>
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