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New South Wales

W: P: +61 2 6689 5292
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Macadamias Direct

P: +61 2 6689 5292

Macadamias Direct is the fastest growing and longest continuing macadamia processing operation in Australia. We specialise in premium kernel production, sourced from our Australian grower suppliers as well as our own farms. Our processing facility utilises world-leading, state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to meet customer requirements.

Our key personnel have a wealth of knowledge and experience in production, processing and marketing Australian macadamias. This knowledge base, our efficient facility and our dedication to working together with our suppliers and customers, ensures that we produce premium quality kernel that is sought by discerning customers around the world.

W: P: +61 3 9420 2900
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MWT Macadamia

P: +61 3 9420 2900

Divisions of the Waring Group | HACCP certified, Handlers of Australian Macadamias and other Edible Tree Nuts, Dried Fruits, Desiccated Coconut and other Coconut Products, Seeds and other Raw Food Ingredient products since 1965.

Australian Macadamia Primary Producers / Farm Procurement, supporting the Australian macadamia industry with Farm Leasing and Management, On and Off Farm services, Contracting, De Husking & Sorting, AMS accredited laboratory, local offices and other grower value add services.

The Waring Family have been directly involved in the procurement, processing, marketing and sales of Australian macadamias since the late 1970’s.

MWT Macadamia have a well-known, highly regarded and very experienced team able to offer a fully integrated marketing solution. MWT Macadamia has strong, long-standing relationships with buyers worldwide, supplying premium quality Australian macadamias to domestic and international snack, manufacturing and wholesale markets.

W: P: +61 2 6568 4210
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Nambucca Macnuts

P: +61 2 6568 4210

Nambucca Macnuts is located on the mid north coast of New South Wales, Australia. A grower owned business, it has continued to invest heavily in plant and equipment to continually improve the quality of its final product.

The board and staff are highly experienced people who have played an important role in the development of the Australian industry and who are uniquely qualified to deliver the finest quality Australian macadamia nut kernel, macadamia oil and value added consumer products to a discerning public.

W: P: +61 2 6687 1472
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Pacific Farms

P: +61 2 6687 1472

Pacific Farms is a privately owned Australian company with 39 years dedicated to excellence at every stage of the supply chain. Pacific Farms has a nursery, significant farm operations, and best practice farm services and is a world leading processor for multiple origin macadamias. We have the highest global accredited food safety FSSC22000, UL, AIB, AQIS. We market macadamias globally to brand leaders and innovators.

As substantial growers Pacific understands growers’ needs and owns all aspects of our industry-leading farm services so provides the best in transport, de-husking, drying and sorting which can significantly improve harvest quality and returns for growers.

Pacific Farms has an unequalled reputation for quality, reliability and professionalism in the world’s macadamia markets.

W: P: +61 2 6687 2140
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Waliz Nuts

P: +61 2 6687 2140

Waliz Nuts has been producing the highest quality macadamias from the picturesque Byron Bay hinterland town of Newrybar since 1989.

The 100% Australian owned company operates independently, working with growers around the region to ensure they get the best price for their nuts. Paul and Liz Hudson are a trusted name with growers and their high standard of professionalism and personalised service is unrivalled.

Their value-adding facilities also ensure they can roast, flavour and package macadamias into bulk or retail sized products for retail and wholesale trade. While their own range of delicious macadamia products are sold across Australia.


W: P: +61 7 4159 8331
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Australian Premium Macadamias (APM) was founded by industry leading macadamia nut growers who recognised the need to market, process, and deliver their own premium macadamia nuts to the world. Our location in Bundaberg, Queensland, is Australia’s largest macadamia growing region, with ideal growing conditions for high quality macadamia nut production.

Working hand in hand with the environment to deliver fresh, sustainable macadamias on a large scale, our farming practices reflect a commitment to sustainable agriculture and improved ecosystem health and functioning. This includes integrated management strategies aimed at minimising our reliance on chemicals and fertilisers and using natural resources responsibly.

Committed to excellence in product quality and customer/consumer satisfaction worldwide, APM’s premium quality macadamia kernel adheres to international food safety guidelines and is processed according to industry standards.

W: P: +61 7 5482 8080
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CL Macs

P: +61 7 5482 8080

CL Macs operates a modern nut receival facility in Gympie, Queensland. We dry, sort, pack, and ship macadamias locally and to export markets.

We are an ISO2200: 2018 accredited macadamia processor in Gympie. The CL Macs group also owns and operates macadamia orchards in Bundaberg, Gympie, and New South Wales.

Our Gympie receival and drying facility is of a world class standard. We are a registered export establishment, and we also have an accredited kernel evaluation laboratory onsite.

W: P: +61 7 4111 2763
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Freedom Fresh Australia

P: +61 7 4111 2763

Freedom Fresh Australia exclusively produces and markets the globally renowned Happy Nut range, which features the popular Vanilla flavour and naturally sweet and nutritious Dry Roasted macadamias that are grown in the Bundaberg and surrounding region.

We work with a passionate network of Aussie macadamia growers that value the same sustainability principles that the Steinhardt family has lived and worked by for over 60 years. With a sense of environmental responsibility, our growers are brought together to share in our vision of producing a quality product that we can all be proud of for generations to come.

These growers form the Freedom Fresh Australia ecosystem, offering full product traceability and first-grade macadamia nuts to create the quality Happy Nut products that our consumers from around the world trust.

W: P: +61 7 5600 0977
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Green & Gold Macadamias

P: +61 7 5600 0977

With years of first-hand macadamia processing experience, we understand that supply security and quality is vital to our customers. As one of the largest marketers of macadamia nut products in the world, and with unparalleled access to major growing regions producing over 50% of the world’s macadamias, you can be assured of supply stability.

Our customers enjoy a seamless supply solution with a single point of contact, and our network of 5 processors across 4 countries ensures we have access to year-round processing and supply.

These are just a few of the reasons Green & Gold Macadamias is trusted by some of the world’s largest food manufacturers to securely supply premium, consistent quality macadamias that enhance their product offerings.

W: P: +61 7 3025 4900
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Marquis Marketing

P: +61 7 3025 4900

Marquis Marketing sells macadamias produced by Marquis Macadamias in Australia, Marquis Macadamias in South Africa and Kenyan processors. We are the largest seller of macadamias globally, enabling us to give our customers a consistent and reliable supply of the highest quality macadamias.

Our highly experienced staff focus on working closely with our customers to provide a wide range of solutions for all sectors including health foods, snack, confectionary, ice cream, bakery and ingredient categories.

W: P: +61 7 5472 7777
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P: +61 7 5472 7777

Nestled in the heart of a natural macadamia growing region is Nutworks, the Sunshine Coast Hinterland’s very own specialist macadamia nut processing factory. Just 90 minutes north of Brisbane, visitors are welcomed to taste an Australian horticultural success story - the Macadamia nut.

100% Australia owned, Nutworks offers an amazing array of Macadamias, other nuts, dried fruits, chocolates and confectionery for sale to wholesale and retail customers. We also offer a range of contract services, from roasting, panning, enrobing, manufacturing, mixing, and packing.

W: P: +61 7 4699 9400
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Stahmann Webster

P: +61 7 4699 9400

As a diversified and vertically-integrated tree nut business, we are able to partner with major domestic and international customers, both retail and industrial, servicing the market with macadamias, pecans, walnuts and almonds.

Stahmann Webster currently provides proprietary and private label nut products to major retailers nationally and internationally. Our Value-Adding department provides a range of services from roasting and salting to packaging macadamias into bulk or retail sized products with full traceability from farm to consumer.

Talk to Stahmann Webster about how we can become the right business partner for you.

W: P: +61 7 5482 0000
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Suncoast Gold Macadamias

P: +61 7 5482 0000

Suncoast Gold was established in 1985 and is now owned by over 140 Australian farmers. The factory is located 150km north of Brisbane and uses sophisticated and innovative processes to meet strict industry standards.

Suncoast Gold is respected for its quality and is the leading supplier of snack and ingredient-grade macadamias. The Suncoast Gold team is enormously experienced and can assist with all your macadamia requirements.


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