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A sustainable approach to producing the world’s best macadamias 

Farming for a sustainable future

Australia, the natural home of macadamias, is recognised internationally as a clean, green and reliable food producer. Our macadamia industry has developed over five decades on the same fertile soil where the world’s first macadamia trees evolved more than 60 million years ago. Quality is at the heart of the Australian macadamia industry, but the way we achieve this is just as important. 

Australian macadamia growers are deeply committed to sustainable production and believe the actions they take on-farm today must benefit the environment and people in the future. Many are champions of regenerative agriculture and are leading the way in terms of on-farm innovation that better protects the soil and promotes biodiversity in the orchard. 

Feeling a true affinity for the land on which they farm, Australian macadamia growers take great care to develop and implement ecologically sensitive techniques to protect the natural environment. Our industry invests millions of dollars in research every year to ensure our practices are the world’s best and that the natural resources on which our industry relies to grow this delicious wholefood are managed as efficiently as possible.  

Rising to the demand for sustainably produced ingredients

Today’s consumers are not only seeking food and beverage products that deliver on quality, taste and health, but also sustainability, ethical practices and transparency. 

Sustainability considerations are increasingly driving consumer purchasing patterns, with almost 70% saying they feel happy when they do things that benefit the environment1. For many, this means choosing sustainably produced food products, even if those choices attract a price premium.

Concerns over the environmental impacts of meat production are driving surging interest in plant-based eating and between 2021 and 2022, the proportion of consumers globally who eat meat most days has fallen from 33% to 28%1

Manufacturers already understand the taste, texture, health, luxury and plant-based cues macadamias can add to products. Macadamias grown in Australia deliver powerful, research-backed sustainability credentials too, from water use efficiency and carbon sequestration to minimisation of carbon outputs, recycling of by-products and world’s best biological control. 

1 Mintel Consulting / Richard Cope, Mintel Sustainability Barometer 2022

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