Industry standards


As the world’s leading supplier of macadamias, Australia has an unwavering commitment to upholding the premium quality standards that have made our macadamias the world’s best. Driven by a deep desire for continual improvement, our industry invests an unrivalled $5 million in research and development every year. This has seen Australia’s macadamia farming and post-harvesting practices reach a level of sophistication that is second-to-none and this investment combined with the passion of the people behind it is the reason that our product has come to represent the pinnacle of quality, from seedling to serving.

Food safety

In today’s global market, food safety is of paramount importance. Consumers want to know the story behind the products they’re buying and expect transparency from food producers and manufacturers.

Australia’s macadamia industry has always taken the issue of food safety seriously and we take no risks when it comes to protecting our consumers. In fact, we were the world’s first macadamia producer to develop and implement a set of rigorous quality standards and strict testing protocols that remain unmatched by any other producing region.

Our approach to food safety is underpinned by sophisticated production processes, generations of knowledge about quality on farm and in factory, a commitment to reliability, sustainability and biological pest control and Australia’s reputation as a clean and green environment in which to grow food crops.

Our industry’s standing as the producer of the world’s most pristine macadamias is validated by the results of the Australian Government’s National Residue Survey (NRS), a program that screens Australian macadamias and other crops for a range of chemical pesticides and environmental contaminants. Our industry has participated in the NRS every year since 1996 and has achieved 100% compliance for 25 consecutive years, a record unmatched by any other Australian fresh product.

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