Protecting the past to secure the future

Most of Australia’s macadamia crop grows on the same fertile land on Australia’s east coast where macadamias first originated 60 million years ago. Our growers feel an intrinsic connection to this land and, as an industry, we are deeply committed to its protection. It seems our dedication to conservation aligns with consumer sentiment, with a recent study by Mintel revealing that 76% of consumers believe more areas need to be protected to enable nature to recover from existing environmental issues.1

Rainforest regeneration

Australia’s macadamia growers are passionate about conserving the water, soil, native vegetation and wildlife on and around their orchards.

Many growers have set aside portions of their property as conservation zones where they protect and regenerate remnant rainforest.

This practice protects the natural topography and waterways of our growing regions while creating a haven for native animals and beneficial insects. 

Conserving wild macadamias

As the natural home of macadamias, Australia is the only country in the world where macadamias grow wild. Every single macadamia tree in the world can be traced back to the wild macadamia trees that grow in the Australian rainforest.

However 80% of these precious wild macadamia trees have been lost due to land clearing. All four species of wild macadamia are now under threat of extinction, with weeds, grazing, bushfires and climate change posing ongoing threats.

Conserving our wild species plays an important role in securing the future of the macadamia industry. Wild macadamias are like a living gene bank, offering a wealth of genetic diversity. This diversity holds untapped potential and could help the industry adapt to changes in weather patterns, emerging pests and possible diseases in commercial crops.

As an industry we are invested in conserving these important wild tree populations and Australian Macadamias supports the Macadamia Conservation Trust, an Australian not-for-profit environmental organisation dedicated to conserving wild populations of macadamias in their native habitat for future generations.

Our support for the Trust reflects how seriously our industry takes its environmental responsibilities and its passion for conservation, research and education, all of which are vital for the ongoing successful future of the macadamia industry. 

Brands seeking to innovate for today’s conscious consumer can feel confident that by investing in Australian grown macadamias, they’re sourcing a premium ingredient from the country that is not only the origin of macadamias, but also leading the way when it comes to conservation and future-proofing supply.

Watch below to learn more about the conservation work of Australian macadamia pioneer Ian McConachie and the Macadamia Conservation Trust. 

1 Mintel Consulting / Richard Cope, Mintel Sustainability Barometer 2022

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