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What’s on the menu: Pilu at Freshwater

Ask Giovanni Pilu what he draws on for inspiration each time he creates a new menu and the answer is instant: local, seasonal produce. “If you work with what’s around you and what’s in season, you can create amazing cuisine anywhere in the world.”

Macadamia Okaki: a match made in heaven

How do you make a rice cracker a best seller? By adding macadamias. That’s been the experience of Japanese manufacturer Nigata Ajinoren Honpo with its unique Macadamia Okaki product, now in its 11th year of production.To explain the Japanese terminlogy behind this product, Nigata is a prefecture in Japan, well-known for its rice, water and sake, while Okaki are Japanese rice crackers, traditionally made by craftsman.Macadamia Okaki are made using 100% premium quality Japanese rice, with Australian grown macadamias. It’s a harmonious combination that is as popular as it is delicious. The rice, seasoned with a light dose of salt, brings out the flavour of the macadamia nuts, producing a truly unique cracker that has a light, fluffy texture. Japanese consumers love the mild yet moreish taste and enjoy pairing them with almost any beverage, from coffee and Japanese green tea to beer and wine.After realising they were on a winning streak with their light and fluffy Okaki and roasted macadamias, the team at Nigata Ajinoren Honpo decided to increase the size of the cracker, for greater visual and taste appeal. It was a move that paid dividends, with the Macadamia Okaki becoming the company’s fourth highest selling product overall, and number one online seller.

How sweet it is: the wonderful world of chocolate innovation – PART 1

In this two-part series, we go inside the global chocolate industry to find out what's trending, who's innovating and where the growth opportunities lie. Part 1 has an Australian flavour while Part 2 will take us abroad with insights from Japanese and European manufacturers.

Exploring the ‘Macadamia Moment’: new infographic

The concept of the 'Macadamia Moment' was born from our market research in which consumers described their ideal macadamia moment in great detail. Now a key creative strategy in our consumer promotional campaign, we recently explored the 'moment' further with our Facebook communities in all core markets, producing a rich cross-market comparison that we've summarised in this new infographic.

Korea promotional tour delivers breath-taking results

When Korean celebrity chef Kim Poong skydived into Byron Bay in late April, it was amid excitement and anticipation of a fantastic promotional event that would tell the Australian macadamia story to a mass audience of Korean consumers.

MEIJI: 40 years of a Japanese macadamia icon

2016 marks 40 years since Meiji launched its iconic macadamia chocolate in Japan. Throughout this period, Meiji has used macadamias consistently in both core and seasonal lines, and the brand dominates the chocolate macadamia segment in Japan, with estimated share of 60-70%.

Macadamia milk one year on

2015 was a pivotal year for the non-dairy milk category with entries, exits and more consumers pondering the choices in the specialty milk aisle than ever before.


Macadamia Change Maker Ian McConachie

Macadamia Taste Maker Stone & Wood

Macadamia Change Maker Rex Harris

Macadamia Taste Maker KOKOPOD

Macadamia Change Maker Marc Harrison

Chocolate Confectionery Consumer Insights Research

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How can macadamias help chocolate manufacturers deliver ‘permissible indulgence’?

Macadamia Innovation Challenge 2

Japanese Food Tech Students ‘Discover Macadamias’ Tour


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