Macadamia Okaki: a match made in heaven

How do you make a rice cracker a best seller? By adding macadamias. That’s been the experience of Japanese manufacturer Nigata Ajinoren Honpo with its unique Macadamia Okaki product, now in its 11th year of production.

To explain the Japanese terminlogy behind this product, Nigata is a prefecture in Japan, well-known for its rice, water and sake, while Okaki are Japanese rice crackers, traditionally made by craftsman.

Macadamia Okaki are made using 100% premium quality Japanese rice, with Australian grown macadamias. It’s a harmonious combination that is as popular as it is delicious. The rice, seasoned with a light dose of salt, brings out the flavour of the macadamia nuts, producing a truly unique cracker that has a light, fluffy texture. Japanese consumers love the mild yet moreish taste and enjoy pairing them with almost any beverage, from coffee and Japanese green tea to beer and wine.

After realising they were on a winning streak with their light and fluffy Okaki and roasted macadamias, the team at Nigata Ajinoren Honpo decided to increase the size of the cracker, for greater visual and taste appeal. It was a move that paid dividends, with the Macadamia Okaki becoming the company’s fourth highest selling product overall, and number one online seller.

The product remains unique, with no other manufacturer attempting to recreate the delicacy. Perhaps it’s a case of being unable to improve on perfection!

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