MEIJI: 40 years of a Japanese macadamia icon

2016 marks 40 years since Meiji launched its iconic macadamia chocolate in Japan. Throughout this period, Meiji has used macadamias consistently in both core and seasonal lines, and the brand dominates the chocolate macadamia segment in Japan, with estimated share of 60-70%.

Meiji Pack Shot copy

According to a Meiji spokesperson, it’s the unique attributes of the macadamia chocolate combination that have enabled the product to succeed long term, in a market characterised by fast-paced innovation. “Macadamias have that soft yet crunchy texture. They’re full of good fats and have a rich flavour. It’s this texture and flavour that matches so well with chocolate,” they said. 

Meiji has an array of 40th birthday celebration activities planned. A TV ad campaign has launched, focusing on the ‘knock-out and luxurious’ flavour of Meiji Macadamia.

A consumer promotion is currently running, entitled “Luxury, with just one piece” with messaging focused on the ‘healing and luxurious’ qualities of macadamia chocolate. Consumers are invited to enter for the chance to win a daily prize of a beauty or kitchen appliance.

Meiji Cookie Balls

The Meiji Almond & Macadamia chocolate brand website has been upgraded to include more in-depth information on the macadamia story, including how long it takes after harvesting to become a “good” macadamia, the traditional roasting process and why they are such a precious nut.

Finally, a new limited edition macadamia product has launched called Macadamia Cookie Balls. Described as a roasted macadamia covered with crumbled cookie and caramel flavoured chocolate, they have a rich flavour similar to that of typical western confectionery and have proven very popular.

Happy 40th birthday Meiji!

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