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Exploring the ‘Macadamia Moment’: new infographic

The concept of the 'Macadamia Moment' was born from our market research in which consumers described their ideal macadamia moment in great detail. Now a key creative strategy in our consumer promotional campaign, we recently explored the 'moment' further with our Facebook communities in all core markets, producing a rich cross-market comparison that we've summarised in this new infographic. Read More >>

MEIJI: 40 years of a Japanese macadamia icon

2016 marks 40 years since Meiji launched its iconic macadamia chocolate in Japan. Throughout this period, Meiji has used macadamias consistently in both core and seasonal lines, and the brand dominates the chocolate macadamia segment in Japan, with estimated share of 60-70%. Read More >>

Macadamia milk one year on

2015 was a pivotal year for the non-dairy milk category with entries, exits and more consumers pondering the choices in the specialty milk aisle than ever before. Read More >>

The global macadamia fan in 2016: new infographic

Our Facebook communities in Australia, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Korea provide a rich source of consumer insights and opinions that help us get to know our fans better. We have recently mined this valuable data to uncover fresh information about who our typical macadamia consumer is and best of all, we've collated it into a handy infographic.  Read More >>
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Macadamia Change Maker Ian McConachie

Macadamia Taste Maker Stone & Wood

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Macadamia Taste Maker KOKOPOD

Macadamia Change Maker Marc Harrison

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Japanese Food Tech Students ‘Discover Macadamias’ Tour


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