Korean blogger collaboration brings health & beauty to life

Senys Casa macadamias in dish
Image: Seny’s Casa

Excellent results were achieved in Korea recently thanks to a powerful collaboration with ‘Seny’s Casa’, a popular Korean lifestyle blog. 

Who is Seny?

Senys Casa homepage

Seny is an established South Korean power blogger. Her blog, Seny’s Casa, began in 2012 and now has 37,000 official followers and boasts an average of 60,000 visits per week and 8,500 per day.  

Seny blogs about a range of lifestyle topics and has also published a booked called ‘The Small House’ off the back of her blog’s popularity. A highly active blogger, Seny engages enthusiastically with her fans .

Getting macadamia messaging in front of a new audience

Seny produced two special blog features focusing on the health and beauty benefits of Australian grown macadamias. This created new and unique content to engage Seny’s Casa followers, while putting Australian Macadamias’ core messaging in front of a new audience that aligns with our primary target market.

The first post shared in-depth information on Australia as the origin of macadamias and the nutritional benefits of macadamias such as heart-healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as well as tips on how to store macadamias to maintain freshness.

Senys Casa macadamias in jar
Image: Seny’s Casa

This was followed by a second feature posted a week later, this time focused on macadamia beauty tips and the use of macadamia oil for quick and convenient skin care.

“Every day it only takes a second to protect your skin with macadamia oil,” says Seny. “Using just one drop of macadamia oil for your skin, you can prevent it from becoming dry in cold weather. After cleansing your face or body, combine some macadamia oil with your toner or emulsion before applying. It’s a simple way to care for skin with a natural ingredient.”

The post included detail of macadamia oil’s high palmitoleic acid content, which is one of the reasons why macadamia oil is such an effective skin care ingredient.

Senys Casa macadamia oil
Image: Seny’s Casa

Maximising reach via Facebook

Both Seny’s Casa macadamia features were leveraged via the Australian Macadamias Korean Facebook page. Fans engaged eagerly with the content and collectively the posts generated nearly 250 reactions and comments, 61 shares and reach of more than 16,000 on Facebook, with additional reactions and reach generated on the blog itself. 

The macadamia themed posts on Seny’s Casa achieved strong share of voice in search results for ‘macadamia’ ‘macadamia oil’ and ‘Australian macadamia’ on Naver, South Korea’s most widely used search engine. 

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