Australian food personality Magdalena Roze shares her macadamia farm experience

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Australian macadamias a key ingredient in new Bundaberg Campfire Rum

Iconic Australian alcoholic beverage brand Bundaberg Rum has launched a new limited-edition product called Campfire Rum, which fittingly features another Australian icon – the macadamia. The multi global award-winning distillery unveiled the product as the perfect companion for chilly nights around a warm fire, just in time for the start of the Australian winter.

Inaugural Women in Macadamias event launches in Australia

It goes without saying that the Australian macadamia industry’s greatest asset is its people. From growers and agronomists to processers and marketers, it’s their skill and drive that has taken the industry from strength to strength and put our product on a global stage. A substantial proportion of these roles are carried out by women. Whether one half of a husband-and-wife farm or a valued team member in a larger operation, women are heavily involved in vital functions across the supply chain.
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