Australian macadamias a key ingredient in new Bundaberg Campfire Rum

Iconic Australian alcoholic beverage brand Bundaberg Rum has launched a new limited-edition product called Campfire Rum, which fittingly features another Australian icon – the macadamia. The multi global award-winning distillery unveiled the product as the perfect companion for chilly nights around a warm fire, just in time for the start of the Australian winter.

Campfire Rum is a dark Bundaberg Rum that carries burnt caramel and butterscotch flavours, balanced by a nutty smoothness from fire-toasted Australian grown macadamias, with this combination forming the visual focal point on the product’s packaging. It’s described as a rich and robust winter rum with a deliciously deep and well-rounded hum.

Macadamias have featured in several craft spirit innovations and it’s exciting to see them embraced by a major brand like Bundaberg Rum for the sensory elevation they can bring to a product. The Bundaberg Rum Distillery has been creating smooth golden rum made from the finest locally grown sugar cane for more than 130 years. With 46% of Australia’s macadamia crop now produced in the Bundaberg region, it’s a particularly pertinent pairing.

The launch was enthusiastically embraced by the brand’s more than 400,000 Instagram and Facebook fans, and Duncan Littler, Bundaberg Rum Distillery Marketing & Experience Manager said his team was very excited to be launching this as the first of their winter-only Rum Series.

“We know that people have been eagerly awaiting the release of this one and are so excited to share its warm flavour notes that have been carefully crafted by the award-winning Bundaberg Rum Distillery team,” he said.

“Bundaberg Rum is a nod to the exquisite outdoors of Australia, best enjoyed with real mates on a glittering night under the stars. As we enter the cooler months, there’s no reason not to get together and create those lasting memories that Bundaberg Rum has always been about.”

Available for a limited time in a 700ml bottle or pre-mixed 375ml cans with cola, Bundaberg Campfire Rum can be enjoyed neat over ice, with a splash of cola and a wedge of orange, or ice-cold straight from the can.

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