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Conservation, healthy fats and consumer trends: Our top 5 stories of 2022

There’s no denying that a lot transpired in 2022. There were plenty of sobering moments with extreme weather events, war, and rising inflationary pressures, accompanied by the continued emergence of new covid strains. Fortunately there were bright moments too, with people reunited thanks to easing international travel restrictions, and the excitement delivered by the FIFA World Cup.  Read More >>

December 2022 market report

The 2022 global crop is forecast to finish at 300,213 tonnes @ 3.5% moisture, up from 241,420 tonnes in 2021. All origins except Hawaii are reporting an increase in production compared to last year, with the largest increases coming from South Africa and China. Read More >>

Largest ever AusMac conference brings Australian macadamia industry together

AusMac, the Australian macadamia industry conference, returned to Australia’s Gold Coast this month after two years of pandemic-related postponements. With more than 700 delegates spanning all sectors of the industry, it was the largest conference ever hosted and provided a highly anticipated opportunity to network, learn, and get up to speed on everything from global macadamia production and marketing to the latest in agri-tech and regenerative agriculture. Read More >>

2022 Australian Macadamias Yearbook

The 2022 Australian Macadamias Yearbook provides a snapshot of our industry’s highlights and performance over the past 12 months. Providing an overview of all key facets of the Australian macadamia industry, it’s where you’ll find: Read More >>

Macadamias aus australischem Anbau erreichen 25. Jahr perfekte Ergebnisse in der National Residue Survey 2021-2022

Die australische Macadamia-Industrie hat im National Residue Survey (NRS) zu 100 % die Anforderungen erfüllt und damit 25 Jahre in Folge perfekte Ergebnisse erzielt. Unsere Branche hat seit Beginn der Erhebung im Jahr 1996/97 jedes Jahr daran teilgenommen und jedes Mal eine 100 %ige Zustimmung erhalten. Dies ist ein Rekord, der von keinem anderen australischen Frischprodukt erreicht wird. Read More >>

Die Erhaltung der wilden Macadamia im Fokus der neuesten Videokampagne

Als kleiner Junge, der in den 1940er Jahren in Australien aufwuchs, kletterte Ian McConachie, der Pionier der Macadamia-Industrie, über den Zaun seines Nachbarn, um Macadamias von dessen Gartenbaum zu stehlen. Was er damals nicht erkannte, war, dass die Macadamia zu seinem Lebenswerk werden würde und dass seine Bemühungen um die Erhaltung der gefährdeten wilden Macadamia-Populationen entscheidend für die Zukunft der Industrie sein würden. Read More >>

Marktbericht September

The 2022 global crop is forecast to be up 12% on the 2021 season, driven primarily by forecast increases in the South African and Chinese crops. This is despite Australia forecasting a 10% decrease compared with last season as a direct result of the severe weather and flooding in NSW and southeast Queensland. Read More >>

Australische Macadamia-Industrie begrüßt neuen CEO

Australia’s macadamia industry is delighted to welcome Clare Hamilton-Bate to the role of Chief Executive Officer following the departure of Jolyon Burnett last month after 14 years at the helm. Clare comes to the position with a background in horticultural science, and extensive experience in executive roles in all sectors of horticulture, from farm to consumer, as well as industry and association management in the UK, Australia and internationally. Read More >>
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