Cute alert: little ‘Macadamia’ wins 9.5 million hearts

It’s a boy! There was excitement all round recently with news that ‘Macadamia’ the first baby koala joey of the season had been born at Queensland’s Australia Zoo wildlife sanctuary. And when he finally found the courage to emerge from his mother’s pouch in mid-June, the world went a little bit crazy.

Baby koala Macadamia with his mum

Securing the naming rights to one of Australia’s iconic native animals was a perfect fit for our iconic Aussie nut, and the little koala’s debut was covered extensively on social and mainstream media.

Macadamia’s arrival was covered on the Nine Network’s Today Show as well as the evening news on Channel 7, Nine Network and several online channels. All up his media debut reached more than 9.5 million people.

Baby koala Macadamia on Today Show

Baby Macadamia makes the news on The Today Show

A video of Macadamia shared on our own Facebook page and that of Visit Queensland generated more than half a million views and 15,000 likes. 

Over on Twitter, we experienced our busiest day of the past year, with tweets about the adorable koala reaching more than 800,000 people. 

Meet little Macadamia

You can also view the video on our YouTube channel, where it has had more than 9,700 views. 

Welcome to the world Macadamia!

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