The most exciting macadamia product innovations of 2022

It’s always fascinating to review the new products featuring macadamias that we’ve unearthed throughout the year, and we’re excited to share the list of our most exciting discoveries for 2022.

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While the pandemic and all its related disruptions have caused a general slowdown in product development, the quality of the new products we’re seeing enter the market remains high, serving as a reminder of the premium cues macadamias can bring to a product, and their versatility across flavour profiles, product categories and markets. Here are the products that caught our eye in 2022.

Major brands innovate with the luxury nut

Spotting macadamias in a big brand launch is always a thrill, and 2022 was no exception as more consumers discovered the indulgent qualities of macadamias in new offerings from some of world’s most recognised and trusted brands.

Häagen Dazs ‘Green Craft’ Macadamia Soybean Ice Cream (Japan)

Initially a limited release product, Häagen Dazs ‘Green Craft’ Macadamia Soybean Ice Cream recently enjoyed a full nationwide online rollout in Japan thanks to its popularity. Described as “the start of a new indulgence” it is primarily a plant-based ice cream made using soy rather than dairy in response to growing consumer calls for a dairy-free Häagen Dazs alternative.

Uncle Tobys Goodness Bowl Indulgent Flakes Salted Caramel and Macadamia (Australia)

Uncle Tobys is an iconic food brand in Australia and this year it launched a macadamia variant of its Goodness Bowl range, described as “a scrumptious start to your morning with a combination of whole grain wheat and oat flakes with salted caramel flavour and macadamias.” Macadamias simultaneously deliver on indulgence and health, making a fitting addition to this cereal that is a source of fibre and Vitamins B2, B3, B6 & E.

McDonalds White King macadamia pie (Japan)

For 15 years, McDonalds has featured triangular chocolate pies on its Japanese dessert menu to welcome the start of the fall season. Described as a “winning combination of a crispy, flaky pie crust and a deliciously rich, creamy filling”, the popular hot dessert was taken to new heights in 2022 with an update to their white chocolate version. Called The White King, it featured a white chocolate cream filling with macadamia nuts added for the first time for a rich nutty flavour.

Kikkoman Coffee and Cocoa Macadamia Milk (Japan)

Kikkoman macadamia milk continues to go from strength to strength in Japan, with this being the third year in a row this brand has featured on our list, thanks to new flavour variants. Made from Australian grown macadamias, with their origin flagged on front of pack, in 2022 we saw two new seasonal flavours added to the line-up – Coffee and Cocoa. These join the Original and No Added Sugar variants that are available year round.

Beverage boom continues

Macadamia milk has been a popular addition to the dairy alternative scene for several years now, but in 2022 we saw it used in more innovative ways.

milkadamia Milk Tea (USA)

The milkadamia team’s latest creation is a lightly sweetened ready-to-drink beverage that blends black tea with smooth macadamia milk to produce a tea said to be ‘richly layered and complex yet refreshing.’ The launch taps into the increasing popularity of milk tea, especially among younger consumers.

I’m Good Meal Red Bean Drink (South Korea)

This nutritional meal replacement drink is available in 100ml squeezy pouch single serves for convenient on-the-go consumption. Containing a blend of red beans and nuts including macadamias, it can be enjoyed cold, or microwaved to consume as a hot and satisfying meal replacement.

VEYO Plant-Based Drinking Yoghurt (Vietnam)

This new offering from leading Vietnamese soymilk company Vinasoy is Vietnam’s very first plant-based yoghurt drink. Made by naturally fermenting the milk of macadamias, walnuts, almonds, pistachio and soybeans, it’s lactose and cholesterol free, and available in three flavours: Peach, Yuzu Orange and Strawberry.

Fresh flavour pairings

Demonstrating the versatility of macadamias to pair with both sweet and savoury flavour profiles, this year saw a number of snacking and confectionery launches that featured macadamias combined with a host of adventurous flavours.

Rainbow Nuthing Flavoured Crispy Macadamias (China)

Chinese snack manufacturer Guangdong Nan Xing Rainbow Nut launched a range of macadamia snack products featuring whole macadamia kernels encased in a crispy coating. Demonstrating the growing popularity of kernel in this market that has traditionally been dominated by in-shell consumption, the range features three flavour variants:  Japanese Wasabi, Thai Sour & Spicy and Japanese Seaweed.

Patons Turmeric Macadamias with Coconut in Milk Chocolate (Australia)

Described as ‘a block of delicious, creamy, smooth milk chocolate with turmeric roasted macadamias, coconut and a hint of lime’ this offering from iconic Australian macadamia brand Patons brings a fresh twist to the classic macadamia and chocolate combination.

Lotte Macadamia Truffles with Amaou Strawberries (Japan)

This limited edition indulgence comprises individual portions of white chocolate filled with macadamias and coated with feuilletine in Amaou strawberry chocolate. Macadamias bring their unmistakable crunch to this premium treat, while their buttery flavour balances the sweet and sour profile of the strawberry chocolate.

Indigenous ingredient combinations

Macadamias are playing a role in the rise of Australian food producers bringing native ingredients into the spotlight as they create deliciously intriguing new products.

BSKT Davidson Plum and Strawberry Gum Veganola (Australia)

Made from a blend of locally sourced premium nuts, seeds and superfruits dusted and slow roasted with zesty Davidson plum and sweet strawberry gum, this premium gluten-free vegan breakfast product is described as ‘an Australian native treat with flavours reminiscent of stewed rhubarb and scents of sweet fruits.’

Uncle Charlie’s Tastes of Country Sunrise Lime and Quandong Popcorn (Australia)

Uncle Charlie’s describes itself as ‘an Aboriginal and family owned business bringing you gourmet food flavoured with native Australian ingredients.’ Its popcorn snack collection makes it easy for consumers to experience the ‘Tastes of Country’ and they bring at least three Australian native foods and botanical flavours to every product in the range. The corn is popped in pure Australian macadamia oil to protect the true taste of their flavour combinations.

Melbourne Bushfoods Native Chilli Oil (Australia)

Created to pay homage to Chinese Australians, this spicy oil pairs macadamias with a host of zesty native flavours including Pepperleaf, Saltbush and Aniseed Myrtle. Described as ‘a celebration of flavour’ it boasts a perfect balance of spice that’s said to make ‘absolutely anything’ taste amazing.

Say cheese

This year we saw macadamias featuring in both dairy-based and plant-based cheese innovations, thanks to their naturally creamy and buttery taste and texture.

Moondarra Honey Fig and Macadamia Soft and Creamy Cheese (Australia)

A gourmet cheese product from Australia’s largest manufacturer of flavoured cream cheese, this delicacy features dried figs and honey blended through smooth creamy cheese, with a generous coating of delicious macadamia pieces.

Grattino Grated Fermented Cheese (Germany)

A plant-based grated delicacy made from fermented macadamias and cashews, Grattino is a plant-based alternative to enjoy with pasta in place of traditional parmesan cheese. The addition of nutmeg and black pepper gives it a delicately spicy flavour profile.

Notable mentions

Not every innovation fits neatly into a category, but that doesn’t take away from the depth and breadth of macadamia product development discovered this year. Here are a few more that were too good not to share.

Frogprince Children’s Skin and Hair Care Range (China)

Chinese personal care brand Frogprince launched a collection of skin and hair care products formulated specifically for children’s delicate skin using macadamia oil. Targeted at mothers seeking natural and non-irritating products for their children, the range includes ultra-moisturising cream, shampoo, body wash and hand sanitizer.

Kundal Nature Intensive Conditioning Perfume Dog Shampoo (South Korea)

Eco-friendly personal care product manufacturer Kundal launched a pet care range in July 2022. Its dog shampoo for silky fur was specially developed by pet-owning Kundal employees and contains macadamia extract to moisturise dry dog skin and fur.

Aoyagi Uiro Shirahama with Macadamias (Japan)

Uiro is a traditional Japanese steamed confectionery with a characteristically chewy texture made from sticky rice, water and sugar. Aoyagi produced a limited edition macadamia version for the summer season featuring a base of coconut milk uiro, sugar coated orange and macadamias covered in warabi jelly.

Health Connection Wholefoods Macadamia Bread Mix (South Africa)

High in fibre and free from yeast and gluten, this convenient flour mix makes a loaf of macadamia bread with a ‘rich, nutty flavour, moist texture and light golden colour.’ A low carb alternative to traditional bread, it’s made by mixing with eggs, butter and sparkling water.

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