The most exciting macadamia product innovations of 2022

It’s always fascinating to review the new products featuring macadamias that we’ve unearthed throughout the year, and we’re excited to share the list of our most exciting discoveries for 2022.

A hand breaks a piece from a macadamia and raspberry muffin that is sitting on a plate.

While the pandemic and all its related disruptions have caused a general slowdown in product development, the quality of the new products we’re seeing enter the market remains high, serving as a reminder of the premium cues macadamias can bring to a product, and their versatility across flavour profiles, product categories and markets. Here are the products that caught our eye in 2022.

Major brands innovate with the luxury nut

Spotting macadamias in a big brand launch is always a thrill, and 2022 was no exception as more consumers discovered the indulgent qualities of macadamias in new offerings from some of world’s most recognised and trusted brands.

Beverage boom continues

Macadamia milk has been a popular addition to the dairy alternative scene for several years now, but in 2022 we saw it used in more innovative ways.

Fresh flavour pairings

Demonstrating the versatility of macadamias to pair with both sweet and savoury flavour profiles, this year saw a number of snacking and confectionery launches that featured macadamias combined with a host of adventurous flavours.

Indigenous ingredient combinations

Macadamias are playing a role in the rise of Australian food producers bringing native ingredients into the spotlight as they create deliciously intriguing new products.

Say cheese

This year we saw macadamias featuring in both dairy-based and plant-based cheese innovations, thanks to their naturally creamy and buttery taste and texture.

Notable mentions

Not every innovation fits neatly into a category, but that doesn’t take away from the depth and breadth of macadamia product development discovered this year. Here are a few more that were too good not to share.



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