Media famil sows seeds for future publicity

A media famil in the Northern Rivers macadamia growing region last week hosted journalists from a range of Australia’s most popular food, lifestyle and news titles.

Macadamia media famil lunch menu

A powerful PR tool

Media famils are a valuable marketing and PR tool that help garner positive media promotion by enabling journalists and influencers to experience a product and region first hand. 

The two-day event was a huge success, with an action-packed itinerary that provided a taste of the many layers that make up the rich story of Australian grown macadamias. Guests were treated to on-farm experiences, a farmers’ market tour, cooking demonstration, macadamia fine-dining and beauty experiences and more, as they learned what makes the Australian industry tick, and the innovative ways in which our product is being used. 

The attending journalists participated enthusiastically in all elements of the itinerary, and sought to understand the many facets of the industry at a deep level. It’s anticipated the experiences and knowledge gained will inform a range of media coverage in the months to come.  

Here’s a taste of what our guests experienced.

Orchard experience

Wet weather on day one forced the relocation of lunch among the macadamia trees in the Piccadilly Park macadamia orchard to the shelter of the farm’s sorting shed. The change of location did nothing to dampen the spirits of our guests, and the lavish feast of macadamia-inspired cuisine was an exceptional demonstration of how macadamias can take entrée, main or dessert to new heights, with the presence of heavy machinery adding a unique ambience!

Grower Rex talks to media
Macadamia grower Rex talks to journalists at the media famil

The professionally styled buffet and dining table boosted the atmosphere further, with one journalist so impressed she delicately transported a decorative nut-laden macadamia branch back to Sydney for use in a photo shoot. 

Macadamia lunch buffet

A break in the weather allowed for some time out in the orchard, with grower Rex treating the group to a brief but highly informative close-up inspection of the macadamia trees, explaining how he and his sons use biological controls on their farm to ward off pest and diseases, and smothergrass to protect the soil from erosion. 

Of particular interest was the use of the Anastatus wasp – a natural enemy of harmful fruit spotting bugs, with Rex showing the group how the wasps’ eggs are sent via post on cards, ready for release into the orchard.

Anastatus wasp eggs
Anastatus wasp eggs ready for the orchard

Meet the growers

A visit to another of the region’s orchards later in the day provided an opportunity for the journalists to meet with a host of macadamia growers and researchers. A ‘speed interviewing’ process was set up, allowing every journalist 10 minutes one-on-one with each of the growers and researchers, to learn more about the growing process, and gain insights into the innovative on-farm practices that are being researched and adopted by the industry.

Speed-interviewing with growers and researchers
Speed-interviewing with growers and researchers

This informal setting provided a relaxed environment for our growers to talk about their passion for the industry, and the journalists to get to know a little of the fabulous people who work so hard to produce the world’s best macadamias.

A journalist interviews a macadamia grower
A journalist interviews a Northern Rivers macadamia grower

Macadamia fine dining

The evening saw the group treated to a macadamia fine-dining experience at The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa, with a sensational menu created by head chef, Gavin Hughes.

Sashimi with macadamias
Gavin Hughes’ sensational sashimi and macadamia entree

The entrée, main course and dessert all featured macadamias, along with a host of other native rainforest ingredients. The main course of braised lamb shoulder with native bush pepper, lemon myrtle, fennel and bush dukkah of roast macadamias, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds and a secret spice blend was particularly popular.

Braised lamb with macadamia dukkah
Macadamia dukkah is sprinkled over main course of braised lamb shoulder

Gavin was up early the next morning to provide our guests with a guided tour of the Byron Bay Farmers’ Markets, introducing them to local providores and demonstrating how macadamias are used in premium local products. 

Gavin Hughes leads journalists on Byron Bay farmers' market tour
Gavin Hughes leads journalists on a Byron Bay Farmers’ Market tour

Macadamia cooking demonstration

Lunchtime on day two took the group to the hills of the Byron Bay hinterland to a private residence overlooking macadamia orchards. Here, chef and food stylist Suzie Smith led a demonstration of innovative macadamia recipes, showing once again how versatile macadamias are in the kitchen.

A series of macadamia recipes were demonstrated, including macadamia milk (later transformed into a macadamia mango lassi), macadamia cheese and even macadamia lip balm, with samples offered to guests, and the cheese balls forming part of the incredible macadamia-inspired buffet lunch that followed. 

Macadamia themed lunch

Beauty macadamia-style

A visit to Macadamias Direct (마카다미아스 다이렉트) in Ballina saw our guests treated to some pampering with a luxurious macadamia hand treatment, using Jindilli skin care products. Jindilli skin care therapists used the range of macadamia scrubs, oils and moisturisers to demonstrate the smoothing and hydrating power of macadamia oil in beauty products.

Jindilli macadamia beauty products

A farewell Brookie’s gin and tonic

The final leg of the famil took place at the Cape Byron Distillery, home of new Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin, at the Brookfarm macadamia orchard.

Cape Byron Distillery
Enjoying Brookie’s Gin at Cape Byron Distillery

Brookfarm’s Martin and Pam Brook served our guests Brookie’s gin and tonics at the distillery’s charming custom-built bar, while explaining their unique gin distilling process, and the crucial role macadamias play in achieving the gin’s delicate and distinctive flavour.

Martin then led the group on a tour of the rainforest he and his family have planted over the past couple of decades, pointing out many of the rainforest botanicals that are foraged from the property to make Brookie’s gin. 

Martin Brook in the rainforest
Martin Brook leads the group on a rainforest tour

The perfect finish to a fabulous famil!

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