Under the influence: how influencer marketing is spreading the macadamia message in key Asian markets

Influencer marketing has been a successful element of Australian Macadamias’ consumer promotion for some time, with campaigns executed internationally in partnership with bloggers, key opinion leaders, celebrity chefs and food, beauty and lifestyle influencers.

Influencers are carefully selected, based on their audience size and profile, area of expertise, and alignment with Australian Macadamias’ brand values, with these partnerships enabling us to share the taste, health, versatility and purity layers of the macadamia story with a wider audience. The last six months has seen a number of exciting campaigns take place with influencers in China, South Korea and Japan.

Illustrating the relevance of macadamias during Chinese celebrations

Chinese comic
New year comic
Chinese New Year comic

Instagram takeovers inspire Korean macadamia fans

Korean influencer posts

Multi-layered collaboration in Japan yields impressive results

Images: Instagram / @tmytsm @pepe39 @tomoky_take
Image: YouTube/Peaceful Cuisine

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