Innovation Challenge launches as new global strategy takes flight

The Australian Macadamia industry has just launched the first stage of its new three-year international marketing strategy, designed to drive steady growth in global demand in anticipation of more robust supply becoming available.

Multiple research studies have told us that consumers love macadamias, they want to see them in more food products, and they’re prepared to pay a premium for those products. We’re committed to fostering an environment for ongoing innovation, and forging a new level of support and partnership with manufacturers eager to invest in our product.

As the recognised global leader in macadamia production and marketing, Australia is investing where it counts, to help food manufacturers increase their commitment to macadamia use in existing products, and include macadamias in their innovation pipelines with surety and confidence.

Unearthing new ideas with the Innovation Challenge

A key component of the strategy has just gone live, with the Australian Macadamias Innovation Challenge launching this month. 

Running over two years, the first phase will invite food professionals to submit innovative ideas to inspire packaged food development using macadamias, in the bakery, snacks or ice cream categories, with either an Asian or Western flavour profile. Further product categories will be explored in the second phase of the promotion in 2018/19.

Open to current Australian food professionals and university students studying to enter the industry, the Challenge will offer participants the chance to win a trip to SIAL Paris – the world’s largest food exhibition – or a $5,000 cash grant towards study or career development.

Finalists will be invited to pitch their ideas to a judging panel of industry experts and leading food innovators, at the sensational finals event in Byron Bay in March 2018.

Challenging the status quo

The Challenge is a fabulous opportunity to explore unchartered waters for macadamia innovation with the brightest minds in the food business, as well as up and coming talent.

The macadamia industry is at the start of a thrilling new chapter, and the Australian industry is excited to be making this investment that will expose lucrative new opportunities for a broad range of food manufacturers globally.

We look forward to sharing the exciting product innovation ideas with you as the Challenge unfolds. If you would like any further details in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact the Australian macadamia industry’s Market Development Manager Lynne Ziehlke.

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