Australian macadamias achieve a record 25th year of perfect scores in National Residue Survey

Australia’s macadamia industry has achieved 100% compliance in the National Residue Survey (NRS), notching up 25 consecutive years of perfect scores. Our industry has participated in the survey every year since it first began back in 1996/97, being awarded 100% compliance on every occasion. This is a record that remains unmatched by any other Australian fresh product.

How the NRS works

NRS programs monitor levels of pesticide residues and environmental contaminants in Australian food products, helping to facilitate and encourage ongoing access to domestic and export markets. The NRS supports Australia’s primary producers and food processors who provide quality animal, grain and horticulture products which meet both Australian and relevant international standards.

This year a total of 126 samples were collected at macadamia processing plants in northern New South Wales and Queensland in accordance with NRS procedures. Once collected, the samples were freighted to the contract laboratory where they were analysed for a range of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and environmental contaminants. The results were compared with the Australian standards and where appropriate, relevant international standards.

According to the survey summary, “The results highlight excellent compliance with Australian standards and demonstrate the strong commitment of the macadamia industry to good agricultural practices. The excellent compliance rates help maintain the reputation and integrity of Australian macadamia nuts in international and domestic markets.”

A credit to our growers and processors

Australia, the natural home of macadamias, is recognised internationally as a clean, green and reliable food producer. These findings prove the dedication of Australia’s macadamia growers and processors and their sustainable approach to producing the world’s best macadamias.

Australian macadamia growers take great care to develop and implement ecologically sensitive techniques to protect the natural environment and believe the actions they take on-farm today must benefit the environment and people in the future. Our industry invests millions of dollars in research every year to ensure our practices are the world’s best and that the natural resources on which our industry relies to grow this delicious wholefood are managed as efficiently as possible.  

Consumer demand for sustainably produced ingredients

It’s no secret that today’s conscious consumers are not only seeking food and beverage products that deliver on quality, taste and health, but also sustainability, ethical practices and transparency. 

Purchasing behaviour is increasingly being driven by sustainability considerations, with almost 70% saying they feel happy when they do things that benefit the environment1. For many, this means choosing sustainably produced food products, even if those choices attract a price premium.

Manufacturers already understand the taste, health, luxury and plant-based cues macadamias can add to products. These results provide assurance to both manufacturers and consumers that Australian grown macadamias also deliver on purity, quality and a commitment to sustainable production.

1 Mintel Consulting / Richard Cope, Mintel Sustainability Barometer 2022

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