Macadamia product innovation has flourished during 2018, with many inspiring products launched across the world in multiple product categories. Proving how versatile macadamias are as an ingredient in commercial food, beverage and beauty products, this year’s innovations have also highlighted a number of key trends: health, premiumisation, dairy alternatives and localisation.

As macadamia production globally enters an exciting new chapter, the Australian macadamia industry is firmly focused on supporting food manufacturers seeking to increase their commitment to macadamia use, and include macadamias in their innovation pipelines.

We’re delighted to share our pick of the top macadamia-containing products we’ve discovered this year – compiled after much deliberation. We hope you enjoy this taste of how manufacturers around the world have embraced our product this year.  


Three Squirrels Daily Nut Bottles (China) 

China’s massive daily nuts trend was brilliantly reimagined by major snack brand Three Squirrels this year with the launch of Daily Nut Bottles. Packaged to resemble highly stylised vitamin pill bottles, Daily Nut Bottles feature a mix of nuts, with a ‘daily dose’ of 7 macadamias in every bottle bringing their unique health benefits to the product, and making it a more premium mix than many other daily nut mixes on the market. Perfectly proportioned for consumption on the go, the bottles are available in beautifully boxed multi-packs.

Meiji Macadamia Hojicha chocolate (Japan) 

In a move designed to appeal to a female millennial audience, Meiji embraced hojicha roasted green tea – a hot new flavour trend – and paired it with macadamias and milk chocolate to create a deliciously smooth and delicate sweet treat. Younger consumers in Japan are increasing seeking products that not only taste good but are better for you. Meiji says natural ingredients such as hojicha and macadamias tap into this trend as they are regarded as good and healthy.

The Primal Pantry Macadamia & Coconut Paleo bars (UK) 

Founded by a qualified nutritionist, The Primal Pantry range was created to help people make better snacking choices. The Coconut & Macadamia bar contains just 4 wholefood ingredients – macadamias, dates, coconut and cashews. However it’s the macadamias that are said to make the product “so irresistible.”

Bitebox Mac Daddy (Germany) 

Simple but brilliant, BiteBox Mac Daddy features macadamia kernel packaged specifically for consumption at work. Described as “Office Survival Food” for the “Office Warrior”, Mac Daddy is available in three different tin sizes, making it a healthy, convenient and “super exclusive and delicious” option for at-desk snacking.

Locako Grass Fed Collagen Peppermint Macadamia Brownie Bites (Australia) 

This product sees macadamias paired with collagen, an ingredient that is gaining increasing attention in the wellness space. Promoted as containing “excellent macros and completely clean ingredients,” it’s an on-the-go snack that appeals to the desire for a little indulgence, while also being high in essential fats and protein and low in sugar.

Milnuts 3’clock beverage (Japan) 

Milnuts is a range of macadamia, almond and cashew milk beverages available in honey, cacao and berry flavours. Created by Meiji to leverage consumer demand for satisfying yet healthy snacks, the drinks are marketed as the perfect afternoon pick-me-up and come in a portable single-serve brick pack for easy consumption on the go.


Starbucks Macadamia Cookie Latté (South Korea) 

Released for autumn, the Macadamia Cookie Latte is a super-indulgent sweet flavoured latte topped with macadamia cookie crumbs. Served hot or cold, it was released alongside another innovative Starbucks’ Korean autumn special – the Violet Roasted Sweet Potato Latte.

Mac. by Brookies (Australia) 

Mac. by Brookies is a premium roasted Macadamia and Wattleseed liqueur, made with all natural ingredients. The latest offering from Cape Byron Distillery launched earlier this month, and is crafted with roasted macadamias and toasted native Australian Wattleseed. Described as “effortlessly smooth”, this versatile beverage can be enjoyed over ice, or as an innovative twist in an espresso martini.

Salty Macadamia Pearls (Australia)  

This spectacular product is created using roasted whole Australian grown macadamias sprinkled with salt and covered in white chocolate with a beautiful lustrous finish. Achieving a perfect balance of sweet and salty flavours, these precious pearls were a limited edition product produced by a South Australian retailer. Macadamias have never looked so good!

Krispy Kreme Macadamia Choco-ring Doughnut (South Korea) 

Macadamias play a starring role in the new ‘High Cacao’ range from Korea’s Krispy Kreme. A rich chocolate glaze is paired with macadamias for a five-star doughnut experience, alongside other variants including Double Deep Cacao and Mandarin Deep Cacao.

Inoar Kalice Multifunctional Haircare (Brazil)

Macadamias made their mark in the hair care category again this year with Brazilian manufacturer Inoar featuring macadamia oil in its new Kalice multifunction hair care range. Consisting of shampoo, conditioner and oil, the range’s formulas are said to moisturise, repair and nourish the hair and have “antioxidant, softening, protective and emollient properties” with an “exclusive aroma.”


Ganso Crunchy Snow Mooncakes (China) 

Mooncakes, the signature gift of Asia’s Mid-Autumn Festival, have been taken to innovative new heights by major Chinese pastry brand Ganso for many years. Their popular Crunchy Snow Mooncakes feature an ice cream centre encased in a Taiwanese crepe, and this year were released as a limited edition gift pack of 3 flavours – vanilla, chocolate, and black sugar – with the ice cream containing macadamia pieces for added texture and indulgence.

Zebra White Chocolate Macadamia organic popcorn (USA) 

Popcorn is a quintessentially American snack and it was exciting to see macadamias featuring in this local favourite. Zebra White Chocolate Macadamia organic popcorn is described as ‘a heightened level of richness when macadamia nuts and white chocolate entwine in one sinfully unforgettable mouthful.”

Dean & Deluca’s Mooncake with Macadamia Nuts and White Lotus (Singapore)  

Mooncakes were also given a unique macadamia twist by upmarket retailer Dean & Deluca in Singapore this year. Their Mooncake with Macadamia Nuts and White Lotus is said to “leave you satiated without that cloying sweetness,” with the crunch of the macadamias credited with cutting through the sweetness of the white lotus paste.

Azumino Food Sweet Café Macadamia Coffee Jelly (Japan) 

Azumino Food offers an impressive and seasonally-driven range of jelly-in-cup products under the brand name Sweet Café, tapping into the popularity of jelly as a dessert in Japan. For summer 2018 a Sweet Café Macadamia Coffee Jelly was released – a bitter coffee jelly paired with a creamy macadamia nut paste, with the macadamias’ unique taste and texture perfectly balancing the bitter flavour of the coffee.


Trader Joe’s Almond, Cashew & Macadamia beverage (USA)  

Ticking the vegan and numerous ‘free from’ boxes (lactose, dairy, soy and gluten), Trader Joe’s Almond, Cashew & Macadamia beverage has been described as “the creamiest, dreamiest, nut-based beverage on the market.” Macadamias are credited with dialling up the product’s all-important creamy qualities, making it a versatile non-dairy player perfect in tea and coffee, over cereal, and in baked goods.

Milkadamia Creamers (USA) 

The pioneers of macadamia milk for baristas unveiled a new offering this year in the form of Milkadamia Creamers, available in Macadamia Fudge, Vanilla and Unsweetened Vanilla. Made from raw macadamia and coconut cream, and described on pack as ‘a cuddle in a cup’, the creamers are gluten and dairy free. Ideal for adding a flavour twist to coffee, they can also be used as a base for other beverages and desserts.

Tyne Chease Macadamia Truffle (UK) 

After many months of development, vegan cheese specialists Tyne Chease launched their Macadamia Truffle earlier this year. Described as a “gourmet delicacy” the combination of the unique flavour and texture of macadamias with a touch of white truffle oil produces “rich but exquisite notes” and needs to be “tasted to be believed.”

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