Powerful macadamia health and beauty campaign resonates in Japan

Influencer marketing, social media giveaways and PR proved a powerful combination in Japan recently with the rollout of an integrated consumer campaign focused on the health and beauty benefits associated with eating macadamias.

Rina Ishii and Chef Sakurako Motoo on set at the PR Times livestream event

The activity saw popular Japanese lifestyle influencer Rina Ishii creating macadamia content for her 204,000 Instagram fans, before appearing in a livestream event that was broadcast on PR Times, one of Japan’s largest PR platforms. The result was a showcase of engaging macadamia health and beauty content that reached hundreds of thousands of Japanese consumers, taking them deeper into the macadamia narrative.

Influencer brings taste, health and beauty messaging to life

Rina Ishii is known for her food, health and style content and fans love discovering the details of her healthy daily routine. With her female, health-oriented audience, she was the ideal partner for this Japanese campaign which saw her post an array of beautifully produced and engaging macadamia content.

Rina, who said she loves adding macadamias to her breakfast, shared some of her favourite ways to use macadamias and macadamia oil. Posting video content demonstrating how to make macadamia cream pancakes, she also showed how she uses macadamia oil as a healthy salad dressing. Later in the campaign she shared a video showing how to make macadamia, banana, chocolate and coconut pies.

Her content also explained many of the health benefits of macadamias as proof of why they’re such a valuable addition to a healthy lifestyle.

“Macadamias are gluten-free and have many nutrients that are good for your health and beauty. They’re also recommended as a pre and post workout snack. I have them in trail mix after my morning training,” she said in one post.

Rina Ishii’s macadamia Instagram content. Images via Instagram @ri7tin1025

Macadamia oil giveaway encourages fan engagement

Macadamia oil has been gaining more attention in Japan recently, helping to drive awareness of its health benefits.

Rina’s content helped to show consumers how easy it is to use macadamia oil in home cooking and introduced some of the benefits it offers.

This messaging was amplified further via two Australian Macadamias social media competitions that offered our fans the chance to win in-shell macadamias with a nutcracker and Nisshin Oillio macadamia oil.

Livestreamed event amplifies key messaging

The campaign centrepiece was a livestreamed PR event broadcast to invited journalists on Japanese platform PR Times. The 60-minute event was livestreamed on the PR Times TV platform, with a short version shared with consumers afterwards on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. All up the event content was viewed more than 76,000 times.

Rina Ishii shows a freshly cracked macadamia

Rina was a key presenter of the event alongside Chef Sakurako Motoo. Together they explained the health and beauty benefits of macadamias while demonstrating their taste and versatility with a selection of sweet and savoury recipes. These included macadamia trail mix, salmon carpaccio with roasted macadamias, macadamia butter and a macadamia dessert pie, with macadamia oil also featuring.

Left to right: macadamia butter, salmon carpaccio with roasted macadamias, macadamia trail mix

The event captured the attention of 60 Japanese journalists, resulting in macadamia coverage in 17 online news and lifestyle media outlets who collectively have an audience of 138 million unique users (including users outside Japan).

Thank you to everyone involved in bringing this dynamic campaign to life, especially the Australian Macadamias team in Japan.

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