Macadamias prescribed as perfect Fathers’ Day gift in Taiwan

An innovative media collaboration promoting Australian grown macadamias as the ideal Fathers’ Day gift has yielded solid results in Taiwan. A special macadamia segment livestreamed on ET News generated more than 4.3 million impressions, 600,000 views and 1,115 engagements.

ET News: a powerful media partner

ET News is one of Taiwan’s most powerful TV networks, with a substantial online presence that boasts more than 7 million Facebook fans. The network’s impressive livestreaming capacity attracts around 40 million views each month across a range of topics and platforms including its website, mobile app, Facebook pages and YouTube channel.

The macadamia Fathers’ Day segment was part of The Handsome Doctor’s Talk, an ET News program that averages up to 310,000 views per month. Attracting an audience of females aged 25-34 years, it was a perfect channel to reach the Australian Macadamias Taiwanese target market.

The program’s health and fitness focus made it an ideal platform for discussing the health benefits of macadamias. Its resident doctor and nutritionist added credibility to our messaging, which focused on macadamias as a delicious and healthy gift for fathers, delivering heart, diabetes and digestive health benefits.

The segment also discussed Australia as the origin of macadamias, and featured a cooking demonstration that showcased the versatility of our product by showing viewers how to make a salad with macadamias.

Live fan engagement

One of the key advantages of livestreaming on Facebook is the opportunity to conduct a Q & A session in real time.

Fans engaged enthusiastically with our Fathers’ Day segment, with lots of questions about the difference between Hawaiian and Australian macadamias, the advantages of Australian grown macadamias, and the best time to eat macadamias.

Unlike traditional TV programs that typically draw their largest audiences at the start of the broadcast, livestream audiences grow as the show progresses as viewers are pulled in by friends or sometimes celebrity sharing. The macadamia segment aired towards the end of the livestream to take advantage of this trend, with the chance to win a prize encouraging viewers to continue watching until the end of the segment.

Network cross-promotion for greater reach

The segment was strongly promoted in the lead up to the livestream, via trailers on ET News’ You Tube channel and website, and announcements on the Australian Macadamias Facebook page.

The livestream was synchronised on other ET News Facebook pages including ETtoday SisterETtoday Share and ETtoday Boba, as well as the Australian Macadamias Facebook page, and the ET News website and mobile app.

Extending the momentum

Taiwan Fathers' Day FB competition

To complement the livestream activity, we ran a Fathers’ Day competition for our Taiwanese Facebook community.

With the livestream already familiarising fans with the idea of macadamias as a Fathers’ Day gift, the competition took the association a step further by inviting fans to post a message of love and gratitude to their father, and tag two friends for the chance to win a macadamia prize.

The activity helped to recruit more fans and spread our Fathers’ Day health messaging to a wider audience, with total reach exceeding 145,000.

The competition prompted more than 10,000 reactions, shares and comments, with some fans sharing photos of their fathers, and lots of beautiful messages posted.

Thanks for all the hard work these years for us although every time on Fathers’ day, you always say it’s nothing. You’re getting older, please have some macadamias for your health,” said one fan.

Thank you for taking care of the family, also many thanks to mum. Without you, we 3 sisters couldn’t live a happy childhood. We’re now married and built our family. You’re retired, now the nanny of our babies. Above all, hope you drink less and take care of yourself. I love you, my beloved daddy,” posted another.

We hope Taiwan’s Dads enjoyed receiving these heartfelt Fathers’ Day wishes, and of course their delicious macadamia gifts.

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