Future-Proofed Food for Health-Forward Consumers

Presented By Australian Macadamias
With Alice Zaslavsky, Jacqui Price and Pam Brook

Are you a food and beverage innovator developing products for today’s ethically-minded and health-conscious consumer? Does your NPD strategy rely on regular trend analysis and expert opinions?

The last three years have seen seismic shifts unfold, from the global pandemic to climate crises and the slowing global economy. These have created ripples across many aspects of human life and impacted consumer needs.

We recently took a power dive into two of the key trends that have emerged from this period: the need for future-proofed food and the rise of multi-dimensional health.

Hosted by Australian Macadamias Marketing Manager Jacqui Price, with guest panellists Alice Zaslavsky and Pam Brook, this live event explored:

  • Why ‘adaptive ingredients’ are more important than ever and the innovation opportunities this presents for manufacturers
  • Why consumers have become more engaged with and respectful of how their food is produced
  • How the meaning of ‘health’ is evolving and manifesting across different markets
  • The shift away from restriction towards a more balanced and holistic approach to healthy eating
  • The growing interest in understanding the specific functional benefits of foods and the potential this holds for consumer appetite to pay a price premium

The trends we discussed emerged as part of an in-depth research project conducted with key opinion leaders across Australia, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan and India exploring major food trends and innovation opportunities for product development with macadamias.


Alice Zaslavsky: An award-winning author, broadcaster and taste-maker. Alice is the creator of ground-breaking educational toolkit Phenomenom, host of Saturday Breakfast on ABC Radio Melbourne, and the resident foodie on ABC’s hit television program News Breakfast. With a 100,000-strong social media following and her finger on the pulse of what consumers want from food, Alice launched Tumami by Alice in 2021, which counts both Nigella Lawson and Yotam Ottolenghi as fans.

Jacqui Price: A passionate marketer specialising in food, with extensive experience in marketing, brand strategy, and new product commercialisation, Jacqui has experience in multiple points in the value chain including retail, foodservice, manufacturing, grower and B2B. As the Australian Macadamias Marketing Manager Jacqui is passionate about macadamias and multitude of benefits they offer as an ingredient for food, beverage and beauty innovation.

Pam Brook: Co-founder of premium cereal and snack brand Brookfarm, Pam is a businesswoman, food producer, innovator, farmer and author, with extensive experience in product development, and in-depth knowledge of food trends. Led by her passion for balanced nutrition based on real food and a healthy, sustainable and accessible food chain, Pam understands how to connect with the hearts, minds and tastebuds of today’s consumers.

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