Christmas comes early for Aussie macadamia growers with China-Australia FTA

Christmas has come early for Australia’s 650+ macadamia growers, with the news that the 24% tariff on macadamia imports from Australia to its largest trading partner China will now be removed over the next four years.

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) came into force yesterday, with an immediate 4.8% tariff reduction (off the ‘bound’ rate) on Australian macadamias (to 19.2%) followed by a second reduction on 1 January 2016 (to 14.4%). The tariff will be eliminated by 2019.

China is the Australian macadamia industry’s largest trading partner, consuming around 25% of the Australian crop, and the deal represents a tremendous opportunity for the burgeoning Australian industry.

“The Australian macadamia industry is the world leader in the supply of premium kernel, and we have taken on the major role of building global demand for macadamias, especially in the Asia Pacific region” says Australian Macadamia Society (AMS) CEO Jolyon Burnett.

“The Free Trade Agreement will help us to strengthen our position in this important market, enhance our existing trade links and partnerships with Chinese industry, and capitalise on the recent million dollar consumer marketing campaign launched by Australian Macadamias in China.”

Mr. Burnett added that the news will be just as exciting for Chinese consumers, who have developed a taste for clean, green production and appreciate the premium product Australian can deliver.

 “China’s growing appetite for Australian macadamias will get a whole lot bigger, especially coming into Chinese New Year, because now they can afford to enjoy a whole lot more of our native Australia delicacy,” says Mr. Burnett.

This latest FTA supports an already booming Asian demand for Australian macadamias. Approximately 52% of Aussie macadamias are currently exported to Asia, with the Australian macadamia industry driving major consumer campaigns in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

“The Australian macadamia industry is one of Australia’s export success stories with a strong record of developing new international markets across the globe. We export 70% of all macadamias to more than 40 countries globally, we take our markets and customers seriously and we are happy to invest with supply chain partners in building demand for Australian macadamias,” says Mr. Burnett.

Mr. Burnett said this week’s FTA represents another significant step into this major market.

Earlier in the year, the AMS signed a memorandum of understanding with the Yunnan Macadamia Society in China to assist in the development of the industry in China. The AMS also undertook a major Chinese consumer research study, the results of which have driven the launch of the recent multi-million dollar consumer campaign in China.


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There are more than 650 Australian macadamia growers producing around 47,000 tonnes nut-in-shell of macadamias per year. Australia is the world’s largest producer of premium macadamia kernel, exporting approximately 70% of all macadamias to more than 40 countries globally. More than $150 million worth of Australian macadamia products are exported each year.

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