2023 Australian macadamia crop expected to deliver lower volume but excellent quality

The Australian Macadamia Society (AMS) announced today that the forecast for the 2023 Australian macadamia crop has been revised down from 53,160 tonnes in-shell to 48,500 tonnes in-shell at 3.5% moisture (from 57,000 to 52,000 tonnes in-shell at 10% moisture).

AMS CEO Clare Hamilton-Bate says the Australian macadamia industry continues to navigate  challenges presented by lower than expected yields and very low farm-gate prices.

“We’re approximately 90% of the way through harvest now, with our largest growing region of Bundaberg all but wrapped up, and the Northern Rivers nearing completion.”

“The softest farm gate prices in more than a decade have had a significant impact on growers, with many rationalising on-farm expenditure, including making tough decisions about harvesting and orchard management practices.”

“The atypical factors influencing this season’s harvest are making crop modelling and forecasting more complex than usual.”  

Also of note is the expected increase in the amount of crop exported as nut-in-shell. “The portion of the crop sold as nut-in-shell could double this year to 60%, and this has implications for kernel availability.”

On the plus side, kernel quality is excellent with lower reject levels and a higher proportion of premium grade than in previous years, and demand for Australian macadamias remains strong,” says Ms. Hamilton-Bate.

The final figure for the 2023 Australian macadamia crop will be announced by the AMS in early December.

The 2023 crop forecast is based on actual factory receipts of the Australian Macadamia Handlers Association (AMHA) and consultation with other supply chain partners.

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