Top 20 of 2020: the most inspiring macadamia products of the year

Woman eating macadamia product

It’s that time of year again, when we review how macadamias featured on the global product development stage over the past 12 months. Collating this list is a labour of love as we uncover all the ways brands big and small are embracing macadamias as an ingredient that adds taste, texture, indulgence and health credentials to a range of food and beverage products.

With the supply chain and consumer behaviour disruptions that were hallmarks of the tumultuous year we have had, it would be reasonable to think exciting new products would be few and far between. Yet despite the ups, downs and general uncertainty, we have been delighted by the breadth and depth of the offerings that have come to market, particularly in Australia and the US.

From milk to beer and everything in between, we present to you the most inspiring macadamia product discoveries for the unusual year that was 2020.

The wellness wave

Health and wellbeing took centre stage this year, spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The year of macadamia milk

Plant based milks have been gaining popularity for several years now, but 2020 felt like macadamia milk’s moment, with a host of new brands and markets entering the category.

The continued rise of plant-based

Consumer interest in plant-based eating shows no signs of abating, with macadamias featuring in numerous plant-based innovations this year.

Provenance meets indulgence

Two Australian innovations in the chocolate confectionery category blended carefully curated local ingredients to create uniquely indulgent and sophisticated treats.

Macadamias as self-care

Two high-profile beauty launches caught our eye this year, with macadamia oil featured as hero ingredients.

Comfortably fun

Products that offered comfort or fun were popular this year, as consumers sought out safe ways to counter the anxieties of the global pandemic.

Are you launching something exciting with macadamias in 2021?

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