Recipes, DIY beauty and hand sanitiser: promoting macadamias to consumers during a pandemic

Bowl of macadamia nuts

COVID-19 has dominated headlines, business and everyday life for several months now, and amidst all the uncertainty and chaos it has presented, one thing is certain: it’s a challenge that won’t be disappearing anytime soon. It’s a crisis that is forcing us to learn not only how to adapt to the ‘new normal’ but also to the ‘next normal’ as the situation continues to evolve globally.

Like every industry, ours has had to assess and pivot quickly across all facets of the supply chain. One of the challenges has been determining how best to connect with our consumer fan base in a way that is relevant, respectful and timely. With a program spanning five markets, each with their own unique cultural preferences, varying levels of macadamia knowledge and at differing stages of the pandemic, this was no easy task. 

Armed with an agile mindset and in-depth knowledge of our audience, we have managed to successfully reshape our messaging to suit the conditions in each market, reaffirming the relevance of our product to their lives, especially during such tumultuous times.

COVID-led trends

Our response to COVID was executed against a backdrop of some key trends that emerged as the pandemic took hold.

  • Hygiene obsession. An obsession with safety and cleanliness quickly emerged and is likely to perpetuate for many years.  While COVID-19 is not a food-borne illness, consumers are scrutinising all aspects of their lives, and educating themselves on the supply chain to understand the measures being taken to assure safety, overcome fear and build trust. The clean and green credentials of our Australian origin play well in this space.
  • Health interest. Consumers are responding to foods that are healthy. Macadamias and nuts generally are well positioned in this space, and our campaigns have reinforced the health benefits of macadamias throughout the pandemic.
Working from home and snacking on macadamias
  • In-home cooking and working from home. Many people have been cooking at home more often, and working from home for at least part of the working week may be the norm for some time yet. This means more opportunities for nuts and macadamias to become pantry fillers and in-home snacking essentials.
  • Shoppers pursuing online options. Online grocery shopping has been a hallmark of the pandemic. As a shelf-stable and easily shipped product, macadamias are well suited to e-commerce.

The COVID conversation by market

Our approach in each market was crafted to align with cultural nuances and consumer sentiment.

AUSTRALIA: macadamias at home

Communication with our Australian fan base focused heavily on how macadamias can play a role in spending more time at home.

Macadamia oil spa experience at home

JAPAN: new Lifestyle video release

New lifestyle video

TAIWAN: the healthy meal challenge

Macadamia healthy cooking challenge in Taiwan

CHINA: ‘invisible personality’ quiz

Our team in China recognized an opportunity to increase macadamia health messaging in a fun and engaging way by creating an interactive online tool that fans could use to determine their ‘invisible personality’. Their responses throughout the interactive experience determined their hidden personality type, with a tailored ‘prescription’ involving Australian grown macadamias offered at the end. 

Hidden personality quiz in China

SOUTH KOREA: hand sanitiser giveaway

To leverage the hyper-awareness of health and hygiene, we asked our Korean Facebook fans to share their ‘healthy lifestyle resolution’ for the chance to win a gift pack of Australian grown macadamias and hand sanitiser – the ultimate health + hygiene combo.

Macadamias and hand sanitizer giveaway in South Korea

Agility the new normal

Among the turmoil of this year, there’s no doubt that consumers have gravitated towards products and brands that offer comfort, wellness and entertainment.

As the COVID situation continues to shift,  we are committed to ensuring we share as many of these benefits with our audience as possible, reinforcing how Australian grown macadamias bring guilt-free indulgence, health and inspiration to everyday life. 

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