Aligning with a whole-of-horticulture approach

With this information, Australian horticulture, its industries and businesses can: 

  • Tell their story of sustainable production 
  • Protect and grow access to investment and finance 
  • Target research to improve practice 
  • Work together on common challenges across the sector 
  • Measure and track progress to sustainability 
  • Work towards safe, ethical, and sustainable production practices 
  • Strengthen relationships and transparency with stakeholders

 This sustainability framework has identified four pillars with 17 topics significant to the sustainable production of nuts, fruits and vegetables in Australia while also aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Nourish & Nurture recognises the role of Australian horticultural produce in improving diets, health and wellbeing by providing safe, quality food and greenlife.

People & Enterprise identifies the strong links between the people, enterprises, communities and economic value of Australian-grown horticulture.

Planet & Resources focuses on reducing any impacts on the natural environment and on the dependence of horticultural production on resources, biosecurity and resilience to climatic variability.

Less waste is about reducing all forms of waste in horticultural production.

The framework was developed following in-depth consultation with producers, employees, industry peak bodies, service and input suppliers, and researchers. Financers and investors, marketers and exporters, retailers, governments, and consumers also had input.

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