Australian macadamia industry ready for growth in global demand

Marketing strategy

Australia’s burgeoning macadamia industry has launched a robust new international marketing strategy, one of several new initiatives set to drive steady growth in global demand for the premium nut over the next three years and beyond.

The industry’s market development manager Lynne Ziehlke launched the strategy to the nation’s 650+ macadamia growers during a recent tour of Australia’s major macadamia growing regions, and next week will share some of the strategy direction with the international nut industry at the Australian Nut Conference in Melbourne (27-29 March).

Ms Ziehlke says the strategy has been developed to support and grow current demand, generate sustainable new demand and create an environment for ongoing innovation and international collaboration.

“Our industry has been able to take full advantage of free trade agreements with Japan, Korea and China and we have seen, and will continue to see, significant growth in demand in these key and emerging markets. Exports of macadamia kernel to Japan, Korea and China have risen by 46% (representing $AUD18.5m) since 2014.

“This new strategy will continue to build demand in those markets, and will also evaluate potential new market development opportunities in countries like India, Indonesia, Argentina, Mexico and Vietnam.” 

Ms Ziehlke said there is considerable scope for increasing macadamia consumption across the globe, and with forecasts of increased production, the industry is now ready to activate the strategies previously not possible because of lack of supply. 

She says the key macro trend of health will continue to drive overall tree nut consumption, and food manufacturers will invest in developing new products in line with this trend. 

“Macadamias are a sought-after superfood loved by consumers and manufacturers alike for their inimitable taste, texture and versatility, and it’s exciting that we will be able to now explore previously untapped potential.” 

The new marketing strategy revolves around driving increased consumption via a two-pronged approach – increasing the use of macadamias in existing products and stimulating the development of new products containing macadamias. 

“It’s about building a compelling story about macadamias that explains to the major decision makers in the marketplace why they need to include macadamias in their products and the many innovative ways (the ‘how’) macadamias can be used as a key ingredient in food manufacturing.”

The launch of the industry’s new marketing strategy comes hot on the heels of the announcement of a brand new international health research project focussing on the health benefits of macadamias.

The project is the first of its kind for the expanding global industry and is a joint venture with several other key macadamia-producing countries. The results will be used to drive further demand by explaining to manufacturers and consumers why macadamias are a good choice. 

“The new marketing strategy, new health research project and our continuing collaboration with other producing origins on key aspects like international data collection means we are an industry that is extremely well positioned for the future,” says Ms. Ziehlke. 

“We will also continue to invest in joint initiatives with other nut industries to promote the health benefits of nuts to regulatory bodies, the broader health professional community and consumers.” 

Australia is the recognised global market leader and leading supplier of macadamias, with an unrivalled reputation for consistent supply of premium quality product. Australian macadamias are exported to more than 40 countries and the industry has consumer marketing programs in six markets throughout Australia, Asia and Europe. 

The Australian macadamia industry marketing program is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the macadamia industry levy. 

Key experts will unveil the latest consumer and health research for nuts at the Australian Nut Conference in Melbourne, Australia 27-29 March 2017.       

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